Our Vision

Our vision is to improve the physical therapy system and return to a patient-focused one-on-one care model in order to maximize the results for each patient.  We strive to lead by example and return to the individualized care we feel every patient deserves.  We aim to stay on top of evidence-based practice by placing significant value on continuing education.

Our Mission

Resilient Physical Therapy and Wellness exists to provide innovative, compassionate, evidence-based one-on-one care in order to maximize function and give patients the best value for their money.  All visits will be one-on-one with the same physical therapist in order to maximize your results and give you truly individualized care.  We don’t use aides or assistants- we want to give you our undivided attention and help you reach your goals. 

Our Values

-Commitment to one-on-one quality care
-Compassionate care
-Patient-centered focus
-Integrity in all actions
-Commitment to professional development and continuing education

Resilient Physical Therapy and Wellness, LLC
992 Great Plain Ave Suite 2

Needham, MA 02492

Phone:  617-356-8221
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Email:  sarah@resilientphysicaltherapy.com

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